Dyanna Hoffman is the founder of The Abundant Life Natural Food Store in Cortez, Colorado… Celebrating over 30 years of helping people live an “abundant life!”

So what is an abundant life, you ask? It’s the combination of mind, body and soul… of health and happiness. It’s being conscious of what your body needs and giving it wholesome and natural sustenance, just like our ancestors have done for thousands of years before us! Earning her degree from American Health Science University (AHSU), she began her career at age 23, at a time when far less people were conscious of health food… You could say she was a trailblazer in this regard.


“Dear Friends,
 I have been loving, teaching, and nurturing humanity back to health for over 29yrs. I am the owner of a very successful business, an anchor in the community where I live, but I would also like to help more people across the world… This is why I decided to bring my store online, to create a great online resource where people can research and find the answers to what will help them. My passion in life is to share my gifts, knowledge and wisdom… empowering others to live “The Abundant Life” in all areas of their lives. I want to share my journey in life with you, because this is something I’m very passionate about… people’s health!”

Love, Dyanna